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Your Human Capital Needs to Learn New Skills, But They Also Need New Ways to Learn
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Your Human Capital Needs to Learn New Skills, But They Also Need New Ways to Learn 

New technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT are redefining or replacing most jobs. In effect, the advent of these new technologies is changing how the demands of most jobs are fulfilled—thus requiring a broader set of skills than those we typically ask of our human capital.

Consequently, current workforce needs to learn new skills to adapt to the technological changes taking place. Despite many efforts at reorganisation, learning new skills remains one of the most difficult in which to make sustainable systemic change, effective.

In part, businesses need to create learning opportunities and systems that are responsive to changing contexts and are wired for continuous improvement.

Similarly, we need to rethink how we support learning for a changing working environment. Technology is inevitably disrupting the old ways we do things, offering lower costs operation and higher efficiency. Unfortunately, to the detriment of most jobs, in order to remain employable, the aging population needs continuous learning and reskilling opportunities.

However, look on the bright side—this is certainly a move upward, and technology, in large parts, will free up more working constraints and will undoubtedly allow the workforce of tomorrow to work more freely and flexibly in the future.

Technology is also changing the way we engage with content. Here is where businesses can make the biggest impact in helping their human capital develop new skills. Classrooms are no longer an effective means to gather new knowledge.

Instead, the biggest challenge for businesses to make sure their human capital is ready for tomorrow’s next big shift is the thoughtfulness in simulating creative tasks that the business landscape of tomorrow demands.

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