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Why You Need to Reimagine Your Business’ Content Experience
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Why You Need to Reimagine Your Business’ Content Experience 

In the last ten years, digital only products and services have grown perhaps even faster than many businesses have in terms of going digital. And so has content, as a whole.

With respect to content, it needs to be reorganised so as to become more effective. This realignment however, requires businesses to rethink their content organisation and create truly digital-native content.

Rather than thinking in terms of e-marketing, businesses need to develop “whole-marketing solutions” on new digital platforms such as social media and web to drive results they can measure in relation to their bottom line.

Significantly, the most forward-thinking businesses reimagine the entire content experience, rather than simply incorporating multimedia features into their digital playbook.

The best example of this business-like approach in today’s new content landscape may well be Emirates Vacations’ chatbot. In brief, Emirates Vacations uses a new strategy by putting AI-powered chatbot directly into its online ads.

Almost immediately, the company observed a staggering 87% increase in engagement from consumers through its AI deployment—as a result of effectively removing friction to get consumers what they want to know about Emirates Vacations’ offerings faster.

This, according to Emirates Vacations’ senior vice president, Ailsa Pollard, is going to be a constant evolution. Ultimately, she further emphasised that analytics will help her company gather more data regarding bot interaction and Emirates Vacations’ customer loyalty.

At the least, and in the instance of Emirates Vacations as they see it, businesses need to put in effort to reimagine the entire content experience. We will have to develop new approaches, and new methods to reap next-generation economic rewards where consumers are no longer constrained by location and needless servicing friction.

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