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Utopia or Dystopia
Invention, Technology

Utopia or Dystopia 

To the far end of our imagination, urbanisation might not be what we have been dreaming of after all. Gleaming metropolises and flying cars might just be reduced to fiction books. More alarmingly, the liveable cities that the future will render might veer even further away from our imagination if we don’t face up to our challenges we have at hand now—effectively.

The distant ideals of what the future cities might become are still a remote destination. Before we can even revisit the ideals that often get portrayed in futuristic movies, we need to look into two of the biggest challenges that threaten to rupture the ideals oftentimes associated with the city we will handoff to our children.

The burning problems that we currently face are waste and accelerating the adoption of renewable resources that don’t hurt mother nature as much. Between a dystopia or a utopia, the decision is still ours to make, largely to the disadvantage of our children, who are still developing their cognitive skills while we go about making these critical decisions.

Of these, it is down to us create a better decision architecture. We need to view these new challenges separately and creatively. To make sure the future city our kids reside is one they can thrive in, rather than turning to technology, we need to ponder mull and shape our actions around sustainable strategic planning and governance as opposed to relying too much on technology.

If the past has taught us anything, it is pairing today’s technological innovation with experience and wisdom. By implementing creativity to provide unparalleled advantages to our kids, at The Codian, we firmly believe that we need to start cultivating responsible consumption trends and look at the various ways we can better manage waste and our depleting resources. Last but not least, putting rationale on future cities’ grand design isn’t that easy it appears.

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