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The “Jobs” Secret Ingredients
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The “Jobs” Secret Ingredients 

Why Steve Jobs? When Apple releases its new generation of devices, a keynote presentation with less text, highly visual with huge pictures has been the standard of an ideal presentation. Is it really? Straight to the real deal, Steve Jobs actually has the power as Apple takes over the market and one size does not fit all, which also applies to the presentation and its settings.

So what kind of presentation would surpass the golden standard of an ideal presentation? 


A Keynote is an ideal presentation for events such as conventions, expositions, and conferences. It is to showcase the highlights or revelation of the event. The best way to present a keynote is by setting the slides as the first step and building your speech around it. Get creative with images with the addition of statistics and data while creating a visual experience for the audience.


Sales Deck

A Sales presentation is all about the three pillars of sales – i.e. problems, solution and benefit. The key to winning your future client is by providing them with real numbers behind each point, driving them to the end where you provide them with the solution they need to hear. Be creative in your approach and keep them interested.


Marketing Presentation

With the purpose of spreading awareness on an organisation, product or campaigns – it comprises of slides without a presenter. This works well in a storytelling mode. The design of each slide must be captivating, accompanied by the right information and text to keep them interested.


Investor Decks

Your future investor would be interested more in profit and less in everything else. With this in mind, the investor deck is a platform for you to pitch your proposal within a few minutes. Numbers are statistics and future plans are the major points you need to highlight, aside from being persuasive and convincing. Give them a clear view of what you want to achieve with your organisation that will benefit them in the future.

 There’s nothing wrong with Microsoft PowerPoint, but it is great to give a new style a chance. Indirectly, it will enhance your ability in public speaking. Keep your audience in mind with an appropriate style, apply the right balance between text and images, and deliver them well with confidence – then it will all come together.

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