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Tap New Digital Marketing Touch Points between Your Business and Consumers
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Tap New Digital Marketing Touch Points between Your Business and Consumers 

Almost every industry is undergoing a digital transformation. As in many markets, new wide-spread trends are replacing traditional marketing approaches. As the media audience is becoming ever more fragmented, consumer trust in advertising is low.

As a result of this, multiple new touch points have emerged on ubiquitous yet highly complex digital platform. Content that is friendly and especially palatable on mobile, is where most of the battle is won.

There are conditions, of course. But we think these three criteria will afford your content higher chances of appearing more favourable. Certainly, all of these can help you garner an enduring relationship with your target groups.

  1. Make sure your content carries consumer benefits.

Use interactive content such as infographics and videos to share, educate and add value that carry real consumer benefits.

  1. Make sure your content reflects the good things about your business.

Place your business in a good light. Amplify the things you do well, but remember, it is not about you, slant it more toward the interests of your target groups.

  1. Present your content in an environment that consumers find exclusive to your business

This is a bit tricky. But nonetheless, to thrive, the content you produce needs to be able to separate your business from among the noise. Be bold!

The three content guidelines above allow your business to build and deepen consumer relationship. The most important business imperative that businesses need to capture is the realisation that consumers want interactions with the brands they choose. At The Codian, the way we see it, through engaging interactions, businesses can foster higher loyalty with their most bottom-line critical target groups. Consequently, businesses that make adequate efforts to strengthen their position by measuring these interactions are the ones more likely to garner positive reaction.

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