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Taking naps at work can overcome productivity and creativity hurdles
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Taking naps at work can overcome productivity and creativity hurdles 

The changing landscape of the world economy is obsessed with speed. Given the expectations of today’s disruptive world market, leading businesses outpace laggards by producing results at unrelenting speed in execution and planning.

No matter how sophisticated technology can get, your people are still your biggest engine of growth. The risk of burnout, or the seemingly higher risk of not delivering upon your business plan’s promise is rather a bigger price to pay these days.

There is however, a huge disconnect between productivity and long working hours. Employees on one hand would ideally want to work less hours to be able to fulfil other commitments outside of work. Businesses on the other, want the people they hire to deliver results, if anything, the timeline for purposeful execution is only getting shorter in view of today’s breakneck speed competition.

However, NASA, Google and Samsung are offering a breath of fresh air. These organisations are providing sleeping pods for their staff at the workplace. Inherently, there is no denying what good sleep can do for your people. According to Dr Sara Mednick, napping boosts creativity, improves mood and memory.

By taking 20 minute naps at work, businesses can churn out more productivity and creativity out of their human resources.

Hypothetically, businesses can make a saving on their insurance premium and gain higher productivity when their staff are healthier. This apparently can only be achieved when they are well rested. This is certainly the case with allowing your staff to sleep on the job, sort of.

Considering the costs of poor sleep which include ill health and the brain working much slower, there is no reason not to break a common convention in regard to napping at the workplace. We are huge proponents of taking energy-boosting naps at work as studies have previously shown that napping after lunch can improve brain speed and lower the risks of heart disease.

A slight tweaking in how our human capital is managed can be the quick fix that might be able to solve your problem with delivering the speed required for your business to take off. Evidently, allowing productive naps at the workplace could potentially help you outrun your competitors in their wake.

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