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Solving the Society’s Problems is Now Businesses’ Business
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Solving the Society’s Problems is Now Businesses’ Business 

In an article published by Reuters back in April, it was reported that as businesses with a mission to do good become increasingly trendy, social entrepreneurs said they were finding it harder than ever to tackle one of their major problems—explaining what they do.

In addition, according to the news agency, there is no universally accepted definition but a social entrepreneur can be described as someone who applies commercial strategies to tackle social and environmental problems and can operate as a for-profit or not-for-profit businesses.

Social businesses, which bridge the business and social sectors, offer lessons in delivering social impact alongside commercial benefits. To ramp up awareness on the surging spread of digitalisation, myForesight recently compiled key findings from seven related reports published over the last few years to help us better understand the future of family trends, well-being and social security. Of these, a particular highlight was the How’s Life in the Digital Age 2017 report.

The report gathered that the number of connected devices in and around people’s homes in OECD countries will expand from 1 billion in 2016 to 14 billion by 2022. Certainly, the ubiquitous influence of connected digital devices is a trend that must be dealt with positively. Instead of leaving it to spiral out of control as an unfettered marketing landscape, social entrepreneurs must take this challenge to promote digital apps that can bring families together again. Below, we present some key considerations social entrepreneurs need to take note of.

  • People use their digital devices for a solitary experience.
  • In spite of this, social businesses can try to create a solution by infusing technology into family activities.
  • There are great apps out there that actually encourage bonding, and some help you connect meaningfully with those who might be far away.
  • Therefore, social businesses can connect people whose family time is fizzling out back to their family.

However, to grow, social entrepreneurs must play by business rules. Inevitably, social and digital will be businesses’ storefronts of the future. As family and career pressures grow, social entrepreneurs can cultivate meaningful interactions between families to solve a wide range of happiness issues among the country’s middle-class families with digital apps. Last but not least, to learn more about the topic, you can read the original article here.

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