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Smart decision-making? But we are vastly unprepared for it
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Smart decision-making? But we are vastly unprepared for it 

Sustainability. This is the word that has been assigned as the “action speak” to gather support and call attention to the “forward changes” the world needs to take now. Think of the call to action as an SOS if you like.

To sum it all up, according to myForesight®’s, Dr Raslan Ahmad, “As you are well aware, many of the formidable challenges around economic, social and urban constraints we are facing today can be resolved through Industry 4.0 technologies. But the real issue is, how do we adopt new technologies that can improve our cities in terms of sustainability, mobility, economic vitality and equality?”

Certainly, adopting new technologies to overcome the challenges the world population collectively face is a choice we can’t pass over. But more importantly, the micro battles are where the most impact can be felt. The long-standing interest to create sustainable cities in the future has to be executed along every way we manage daily living activities and the way we move about.

It could start as small as forgoing drinking straws and separating our waste to allow more effective recycling—and these are just as important as the bigger ones new technologies are hoping to address.

Individually, every household and business needs to respond. Sustainability in the way we manage our consumption is the ultimate goal. But this is no time for just talk. The pressing situation around our environmental anxieties requires us to respond this very instant.

The joint-effort we take can make the technology solutions we adopt mean so much more to our cities. This will also open up a pocket of opportunity for businesses to explore new practices and solutions. There is no better time to suggest your innovative approaches that can help reduce the costs of our daily consumption to our cities and the environment.

Living smart is more than just improving our well being. To tackle the challenges we have at hand, we need to think up the better options that we can adopt to manage our waste afterwards. The world around us can no longer tolerate our negligence.

We need to get rid our old ways that are clogging up our bins. Gone are the days presentation decks would have to be printed. By empowering our knowledge with the awareness to create our city living smarter, we can take the general public at large closer to greener initiatives and consequently more sustainable actions.

As Dr. Raslan remarked, “Of these, certainly, they have to be inclusive, sustainable, resilient, safe and liveable for our cities to have any chance of success in the future.” To learn more about the topic, you can read the original article here.

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