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Share Less Noise But Only Publish Content Worth Sharing
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Share Less Noise But Only Publish Content Worth Sharing 

Top digital platforms owned by Alphabet Inc. and Facebook are today’s most widespread marketing tools. These two tech giants also own Google and Youtube. They offer so much in terms of reach. So much so that these platforms ultimately determine how perceptions about products and services are formed.

In numbers, Google and Facebook are two of today’s biggest distribution channels. Both account for 3.5 and 1.5 billion searches a day respectively.

According to a blog post recently put together by Hubspot’s Justin Lee, we are at the mercy of these marketing platforms. Below, we share some intricacies in relation to how Google and Facebook conduct their algorithms to position the content you put up on digital.

  • Google regularly updates its algorithm to favour ‘real experts’ on a topic
  • Sophisticated search engines are now able to understand semantically-related concepts
  • Personalised search making keyword rankings unpredictable and harder to calculate.

Growing sophistication of these platforms is altering the old ways SEO results are produced. Despite all these, the proliferation of content marketing has seen a 300% increase this year over the last. We are over supplying content, but demand on the other hand has remained still.

The cluttered content marketplace just isn’t giving much away these days. As opposed to the market saturation, brands are generating more content than ever but only 5 percent feel that their efforts are truly effective. There’s a huge disconnect in terms of results, this implies more content doesn’t always mean engagement.

So how do we navigate today’s faint content marketplace? The answer is perhaps much simpler than what most of us can probably think of. Only publish when you have something worthy of your audience’s attention.

Much of today’s content marketing conversions are achieved through subtle storytelling in compelling ways that place your audience’s interests above yours. Considering the market, this makes a convincing case for coming up with your next content strategy and measuring your content impact.

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