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Reskilling and Upskilling Your Human Capital
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Reskilling and Upskilling Your Human Capital 

The world is changing. However blunt the introduction is, it still makes a lot of sense to preach it, considering how negligent the world’s population can be when it comes to scaling a change. Digital is at the heart of everything we do now. A breakdown in digital, often results in costly inconvenience.

If you missed some of the biggest headlines over the last couple of years, almost every industry is ushering in a new era of automation. However, the skills required to thrive in this new era are in short supply.

To meet the promise of this age, businesses need to carefully examine the capability of their workforce. The short supply of key skills required in the future is viewed as a big threat to business growth.

According to The World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report 2016, it was estimated that a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will change by 2020.

Reskilling and upskilling your workforce to hit your stride into digital always starts with experimentation. Inevitably, it requires dedicated funding, top talent and a strong leadership support.

This is a priority that businesses must urgently lead on. The task of confronting advanced economy driven by digital in the future poses a formidable threat if businesses don’t creatively deal with them now.

As has been the case with almost every industry, digitisation, automation, and AI are reshuffling business functions, across the board. The only way to reap long term benefits from the changes emerging is to invest in people and processes to capture future opportunities. It’s a competitive imperative. One that businesses can ill-afford to lose.

Retraining and reskilling your existing human capital transcend far more than just reaping productivity gains. Critically, it will soon determine your business’ vitality in the not so distant future, to say the least.

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