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Producing Better Outcomes with a Simple Design Principle!

Producing Better Outcomes with a Simple Design Principle! 

The economics of consumer buying is rapidly changing. The online landscape, driven by mobile can no longer be ignored. Companies now need to view the much invigorated content landscape seriously. In practice, it is serving your consumers where it matters most, and the mobile landscape is a marketplace that demands quality content, yet subtle without causing annoyance.

As such, many companies have taken parallel steps and have since migrated. The online landscape is shaking up consumer buying as well as consumer advocacy. Amazon’s high volume sales and dominance, alongside similar online giants such as Costco Wholesale and eBay, in large part, are changing what consumers value about buying online.

While it has taken a dark turn for some—dwindling sales at physical stores, it’s time for businesses to relearn their marketing model. Businesses now need to deliver functional elements seamlessly, without too much hassle. Evidently, this is the value that is most sought after by consumers. The simplest buying structure that will do the job is the best one. The simpler the structure, the less that can go wrong.

A key takeaway from the proliferation of studies conducted to break down the aforementioned tech giants’ success comes as no surprise in the form of a fool proof design principle. Time after time, designing for simplicity promotes trouble free user interaction and ultimately, higher consumer loyalty. It must be noted, when you stumble over complexities, redesigning for simplicity and having deep empathy toward your customers’ core needs might be the answer.

Now, online retailers that use their own content management system seem to have the upper hand. They are able to reduce effort and avoid hassles on the part of consumers and in turn, generate higher loyalty. What makes a business structure good are the problems it does not create. Certainly, tech giants like Amazon and eBay have reaped great rewards for being inherently utilitarian with simple operational design.

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