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Plugging into Digital-Minded Consumers
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Plugging into Digital-Minded Consumers 

Worldwide Cyclery is an online store that sells mountain biking gear. The owner started the business as he saw a niche in the mountain bike e-commerce market. When he first started the company, he thought the e-commerce side of things as far as mountain biking was concerned, lacked sophistication.

Jeff, Cayley, the founder, was particularly keen to tap into an unmet demand, where at the time, there was a gap in the availability of information in relation to the purchase of mountain bike parts.

Sitting atop his priority, he has then created not jus a full-fledged e-commerce site, but has also invested seriously in building up the store’s Youtube channel to provide in-depth technical views of the parts the store carries that are available on his online store.

This was the sophistication that Jeff saw was lacking. Even more so in today’s landscape, it is all about giving the power back to today’s empowered consumers. by and large, consumers want content and interactions with the sellers they pick to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck, so to speak.

Of course, the question of old-age advertising will surely still endure. However, it would be a grave mistake for brands not to have a strong presence in important marketplaces such as Youtube and Instagram. It can hardly be argued that these consumer touch points are shaping the industry.

Therefore, Worldwide Cyclery’s frequency of putting up content, does after all have a bearing on their visibility. Such is the importance of branded content that we think businesses can ill-afford to ignore.

Consumers expect digital engagement these days. Sophisticated digital marketers, can offer personalized services, albeit selling the same goods much like other retailers. Ultimately, interactions—online and offline—from brands that offer personalised services, provide businesses the edge.

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