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Make Sure Your Target Audience Don’t Feel They are Targeted for Advertisement
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Make Sure Your Target Audience Don’t Feel They are Targeted for Advertisement 

For a creative outlet like The Codian’s parent company, Code Digital Group, we foresee our social media business is consolidating to become a considerable profit pool for us in the future. In the wake of new media, businesses now are racing to build a competitive advantage across numerous social media platforms for a good reason.

In creative terms, this is a welcome transition for advertising agencies and the likes. No longer will a business’ target audience feel they are targeted for advertisement. Instead, from the experience our work across various public and private partners has borne out—storytelling, reasoning and tickling any given audience’s funny bone are reigniting creativity once again.

Onto social media, At The Codian, we think through higher consumer engagement, a business can truly create a compelling business case. Whatever the industry, perhaps paying more attention to what is being talked about on your social media windows can help you stay in touch with the unmet expectations of your products or services. Meanwhile, it can also help you capitalise on signals from your customers.

However, to get them there in the first place, businesses need to learn to narrate storylines and content that are creative and worth sharing. On the other hand, we believe, in most markets, we are seeing a turnaround where markets are making adjustments and the good news is, greater awareness of alternatives and online purchasing are reinstating the power back into the hands of buyers.

Successful businesses are those that close the distance between social media and their customers. Of late, creative manoeuvres undertaken by leading retail companies will surely cascade back to their product managers and at the end of the day, better products and services are conceived.

This is certainly a big benefit for both—businesses and consumers. At present, businesses need to use creativity to think up all the possibilities the future may bring and figure out where their future profit pool lies. When a business finally figures this one out, next, transform your marketing strategy into frontline action on your social media—to serve your audience where it matters most.

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