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Leave the World to Your Imagination, If it Were Curtailed, We Would Never Have Thought Driving Could Be Abandoned 

Self-driving cars will ultimately change the way we commute and work. At The Codian, we believe Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) depict a compelling snapshot of the things to come in the future. Completely forgoing driving altogether will enable the full promise of a revamped mobility ecosystem.

In part, AVs owe it to the maturing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for its rapid development. In the last five years, AI has developed at breakneck speed—from the realm of science fiction into real world applications. Significantly, AI has taken the automotive industry by storm in driving the development of level-4 and level-5 autonomous vehicles (AVs). The definitions and levels can be viewed in the SAE J3016 diagram below.

In relation, Malaysia is currently reviewing its National Automotive Policy (NAP) to include a review of electric vehicles (EVs) and AVs. This is pointing toward another technological shift that aims to shake up the automotive industry and driving per se.

While expectations are currently rife whether automated cars would perform the same or better than their “traditional” counterparts, perhaps, placing driving responsibility in the hands of a human driver poses more risks than what an AI “driver” could possibly inflict. For more than a hundred years, driving has been a source of income for many—costing many lives everyday too, in road accidents and racing.

Yet, not until recently, the task of driving is in question. In jeopardy of getting replaced by imitable machine learning, the prospect is not all gloomy when one thinks about the better jobs the whole mobility ecosystem will create down the line.

At The Codian, we would like to advocate, through creativity and imagination, you can basically redefine the most complex functions of your business and put it on autopilot to deliver better results. As is the case with AVs, they are deemed to negate a big portion of the risks and incidences that typically occur as a result of human errors.

Certainly, creativity can’t be curtailed. Where and at what speed the next big change will come, the parameters are only constrained by our ability to imagine it. Therefore, we would like to challenge you, which part of your business unit could go the AV way? If you can imagine it, it will only be a matter of time before it materializes. And back to the topic, in the long run, driverless cars will help us reduce accidents, save time spent on commuting and make more people mobile.

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