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Knocking on your customers’ door with social media
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Knocking on your customers’ door with social media 

As opportunities increase in the digital space, a well-articulated social media strategy has become one of businesses’ online marketing staples. Since social media caught on around early 2000, its rapid development has contributed to the emergence of native-digital companies, offering easier access to personalised goods and services.

In many ways, social media has been doing the business equivalent of old fashion referrals. Knocking on customers’ door with digitized content has usurped the reign of physical formats, getting ahead as the more effective marketing tool.

With an expected 207.36 million users in 2018, Facebook is a clear driver of social communication and businesses use social media hoping to bring a personal touch to their customer relationships.

A senior project manager in digital marketing at a multinational financial organization said early usage of the firm’s Facebook helped drive business forward by building on personal relationships.

Evidently, social media produces great results from highly local messaging. What this means is, companies can highlight their personal brands to customers but also get to know their customers’ personal, financial, and professional goals through shared content online.

In part, this helps businesses create individualized strategies that are more in tune with their customers’ personal hopes and dreams. LinkedIn, on the other hand, remains a primary network for businesses to get their professional message out to potential clients.

In the past, companies often relied on word-of-mouth referrals from clients. With LinkedIn, companies can build new business relationships simply by reaching out to individuals who share networks with their current clients. It is amazing what companies can now do with Linkedin, relocating business networking events to a more accessible digital space to generate business leads by using first and second connections of current clients.

The business world has become a disruptive force. The new landscape brings new challenges as well as opportunities. To produce marketing results and generate leads, businesses now need to rethink their business strategy—perhaps, weighting more focus on digital battle fronts as this is where the battle is won.

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