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Japanese taxis guess your age and gender to deliver advertisement that is just right for you
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Japanese taxis guess your age and gender to deliver advertisement that is just right for you 

Digital marketing and mobility are so highly intertwined these days. The ubiquity of mobile devices has turned today’s market into a fast moving, yet complex consumer segment.

Sophistication in various technology areas especially of mobile devices is helping businesses keep up with the pace of change. By and large, camera marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

To a large extent, this has ushered in the next wave of consumer engagement. By today’s advertising standard, businesses cannot afford to aggregate content without reaching the right target audience at the right time. Missing when and where they are, consequently means losing out on conversions and results. 

In an article written by Dan Robitzski, Japanese taxis are using facial recognition to target ads to riders. In short, cameras in the back seat guess your age and gender — and then use them to serve you with advertisements.

Premium Taxi Vision was first deployed in January. It is understood that the marketing effort is aimed at making a taxi ride more comfortable and convenient. In their own words, comfort and convenience mean saving customers from advertisements not designed for them.

This is the level of sophistication that camera marketing can offer to ensure your business message gets conveyed effectively to your intended audience. While it may challenge some of our privacy concerns, quite literally, the aim is to deliver the right advertisements wherever the audience goes.

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