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It’s Panda Power Station
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It’s Panda Power Station 

What is usually accustomed to Panda? By being cute. Now imagine having a solar farm to be shaped in form of a Panda. Yes, you will get a cute solar farm.

To which country this applied, there is no other than China. Their love towards this cute black and white bear is priceless. This is only made happen with a joined force between China Merchants New Energy Group and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Now that you wonder how it may look like, we would not make you stay curious any longer. Here it is.

Panda Power Plant

This cutely-designed Panda Power Plant is located at Datong, China. This takes up to 248 acres of a solar farm to be built. Wow, can you imagine how big it is? Or maybe, you are already in the step of planning something bigger to come? You are doing it right!

ginat panda solar farm

We are seeing this in another different perspective. Young people, say no more to be afraid of breaking the norms. Even a solar system can be shaped into a giant Panda, why can’t you propose an even better unique design?

Take this as a benchmark for you to step further. In the arts society, there is nothing impossible to achieve. Be that unique one today.

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