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Innovate Now or Be Out of Job Soon!
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Innovate Now or Be Out of Job Soon! 

A tide is coming. Emerging technologies will create mass unemployment. However jarring, It is not catching anyone by surprise. Disruptive technologies are taking many citizens out of their jobs. There is not much time left before more maturing technologies go mainstream and the rate of adoption accelerates, at the expense of many employees.

So what’s the answer to this? The simple one is—everybody needs to diversify and innovate. This time however, the carrot is less enticing, in that to survive, this is what one has to do.

Many are already falling through the cracks. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and other tech titans have been promoting universal basic income to help citizens weather job disruptions caused by emerging technologies.

Canada is giving it a try too, with a pilot program that gives participants up to $17,000 annually for three years—no strings attached.

On the flipside, the not so simple answer to technology taking over is the caveat that it is not actually replacing people, technology is replacing poor attitudes and consequently, competency gaps that with people, it is just that much harder to bridge.

Indeed, in a changing environment, what does one have to be and how does one have to be structured and managed in the face of survival?

At The Codian, we ensure everyone contributes in a way that the company appreciates, and we always stress that we want our people to make themselves indispensable. All this talk about technology eventually replacing many of today’s outgoing jobs clearly does not hold water.

Diversification and innovation are no longer just to supplement our income, they are the basis new breakthrough ideas are founded upon to survive. All of us need to realize that in the future, earning your income will most likely come from a job that delegates creative tasks rather than ones that require adaptive applications. That much is certain.

For you out there, to innovate, you need to take what you do best and go out, start small ventures; for the new always starts small.

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