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Improving Innovation Productivity
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Improving Innovation Productivity 

Without noticing, we oftentimes restrict casual activities that can lead to innovation. To illustrate, meetings and working schedules are often rigid, without much wiggle room to churn out anything else but efficient productivity.

Making the work place fun again is a key criterion to improve innovation productivity, to get you ahead and quite fittingly, become a quirk to help you hold on to your top talent.

By making the workplace less cluttered and rigid, the intrinsic value that improvisation brings can lead to higher innovation productivity. Today, businesses compete on their ability to envision new products or areas of unmet need.

But to yield a competitive advantage, improvisation and imagination are two engines of growth often side-lined by businesses for more popular efficiency gain.

Case in point is Play-Doh. Before the children’s uber-famous modelling compound gained world-wide prominence for arts and crafts, it was then called Kutol Cleaner. In its early days, the product began life as a product to clean wallpaper.

The inventor, Joe McVicker, once heard a teacher saying that modelling clay was too tough to manipulate.

Without hesitation, McVicker sent some of his Kutol Cleaner to the school, and the rest needs no further elaboration. Today, almost every household has Play Doh.

It was an opportune ad hoc improvisation for McVicker. This is a good example of how a business should formulate its strategic concept. However, the ability to improvise needs to be cultivated by creating opportunities for play at work.

To unlock capacities that can help your business toward longevity, your human resources need to be equipped with the ability to improvise, imagine and inspire others.

Doubling down on efficiency without creating enough room to nurture abstract human qualities can instead turn your workplace into a fragile environment, that could soon be compounded by a high people turnover.

Therefore, the sooner businesses depart from orderly stability by establishing trust and cultivating play, they can achieve unprecedented business results that previously were only plausible in the far corner of our imagination.

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