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How To Motivate Your Employees To Be Creative

How To Motivate Your Employees To Be Creative 

As hard as it names sound, it is. It won’t come easily just because you want it to be. As a boss/leader, you should not be forcing your employees, but rather motivate them. As creative bosses, you mostly don’t have the intention to push your members to be creative as an expert. But to get that coming, you need to give them the freedom to think naturally.


Below are 6 internal organisation factors that can influence employees’ creativity, and you have to know these!


External challenges

Allows your employees to fit their job with the skills they have, is one of the ways to challenge them to be creative. At this point, it will lead them to think creatively based on what they like and automatically feels more motivated without coercion. Just so you know, a great leader doesn’t ask for anything they want to their employees, let them do what they like, instead. So you need to challenge them to make their work as a hobby, something that makes them feel free and enjoy.


How to get, not what to get.

Let your employees choose which way they want to go is not adequate to keep them think creatively. Indeed they supposed to know what is their goal but you need to let them think how to get there by knowing every little process that they need to climb the peak. But remember! you don’t have to involve on their own path, you just need to support them.


Team characteristics

The diversity of team member is important to build creativity. Where people in the organisation need to help each other when times are tough and must respect each other’s unique perspective. So that they can attain goals altogether. Bear in mind that the team composition is a crucial thing to complete each other opinions.


Managerial Assistance

Every person will go through ups and downs in their lives, so your role is to always there to motivate them even if they have unsuccessful efforts. Besides celebrating their success, you need to praise if they fail in achieving their goals as well. Keep them to try their best, do not punish them that makes them feel weak. In the end, the best way that makes them feel appreciated is the support they get from the leader who leads by example.


Organisational support

Research indicated that most of the employees feel motivated by praise from the organisation more than getting bonuses. Therefore, support from the whole organisation plays an important role in motivating each other to be creative. However, most of them feel appreciated if they get praise from their peers, people that close to them and know them so well. Eventually, financial incentives and other external rewards not likely to be a major factor in supporting employees, as it makes them feel controlled than encouraged. 




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