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How to Avoid Social Media Firestorms and Make Sure Your Social Media Strategy Pays Off in Strong Financial Results
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How to Avoid Social Media Firestorms and Make Sure Your Social Media Strategy Pays Off in Strong Financial Results 

For upcoming brands with clear sales ambitions, advertising can make an effective impact in planting a positive image in the minds of consumers. One rule of thumb; advertising is only effective when it gives your target market a clear reason to buy or take up the services you offer.

However, for all that social media is hyped up to be, it is however more destructive than many even realize. Today, bad news travels faster and further than good news.

Meanwhile, social media doesn’t always guarantee positive interactions from a business’ creative campaigns but could potentially hit you with firestorms that can damage a business’ long-term reputation instead. Therefore, before you design a social media plan, the following three marketing conventions need to be embedded into your marketing outlook.


  1. Be completely aware that your interest groups can turn on you

Thread lightly on your message. Hard selling rarely works.  Your posts don’t always have to be about your products and services. Think of social media like inviting some guests over to your house. Treat them well with kind words and food perhaps.


  1. True or false, there are many out there from former employees to unhappy customers that can trash your business.

While the above has every chance of happening at any given time, before it does, here’s what you can do to avoid the firestorm. This is especially true of today’s social media audience. But what can you do? Firstly, don’t ever step on anyone’s toe. Think hard about what you publish. While your social media posts might not please everyone, you need to work hard to capture a strong segment of the market that’s important to your bottom-line. After learning who they are and what they like, the next action is to build a strong connection with them.


  1. Don’t expect social media to do everything for your business

Get an app, revamp your website, improve your customer service frontline, whatever it takes. Social media is just a small part of the whole marketing equation. To drive business outcomes on social media that’s going to pay off in strong financial results, you need to get a bigger fishing net. On one hand, social media can be of great assistance to help you cast your net wider—really think about where the final buying action takes place and strengthen your value proposition there too—where it matters. We’ve said this too many times, and there is nothing wrong in repeating it again. Putting up content on social media is serving your interests groups where it matters most. How much you can drive results from the actions you take on social media, that boils down to how much you know your interest groups and engage them.

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