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How Highly Creative People Work
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How Highly Creative People Work 

Most often creativity works in mysterious and paradoxical ways. At times, inspiration and ideas arise seemingly out of nowhere; however, fail to show up when we need them the most. Creative thinking requires complex cognition and a different thinking process. A creative personality is hard to distinguish as it is affected by a multitude of traits, behaviour, and social influences in a single person. Here are tell-tale characteristics of highly creative people:

Engaged in Daydreaming

Study suggests that daydreaming involves a highly engaged brain state where it will lead to sudden connection and insights as it relates to our ability to recall information while being distracted! It is also stated that daydreaming has the same brain process related to imagination and creativity.

Observing everything

The world is the fuel that ignites the mind with creative imagination. Observing means taking in information and untangling their complicated thoughts and assembling them in a way that is meaningful and personal, which later gives birth to creative ideas.

Working on their hours

Artists are known to work at their own time, be it 3 to 4 am in the morning, or 6 to 8 pm in the evening. They would organize their schedule everyday to fit the time when their mind starts to fire up and generate creative ideas.

Turning life’s obstacles around

Knowing some iconic songs in the music industry, they are inspired from heartbreak and pain – and the positive side of it is that these open up the possibilities of creating great art. A psychology field that studies post-traumatic growth suggests that people suffer hardship in life to promote social, spiritual, personal growth. They are able to see things in a new light and it inspires their outlook on life, which contributes to creativity.

Seeking out new experiences

The world offers new experiences, sensations and states of mind that contribute to the openness of the mind and uncovers pathways to creativity. Not only does it drive your cognitive process, but behavioural exploration will provide you with a better view of the world, not only the external one but also your inner world.

Creativity can be tapped through various ways, depending on the individual. There is no easy way to generate creativity, but knowing how your mind and body work will unravel new ideas to connect the dots.

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