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Hot Trending Colours for 2018!
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Hot Trending Colours for 2018! 

Can you imagine our world without colours? With only black and white, we might not be able to make a statement, create an atmosphere or elicit a response as effectively, and make things meaningful. It also functions as a form of communication to display a meaningful message – such as red for boldness and white for tranquillity. Colour matters! These are the colours that are highly anticipated to be in trend for 2018:


Ultra Violet

Pantone, a recognized authority on colours that forecasts global colour trends, has predicted that Ultra Violet will be setting trends in fashion, beauty and interior design! It is known as the symbol of originality, visionary thinking and non-conformity; this purple-blue shade is anticipated to push the creative boundaries and represent concepts in a new light.


Warm Brown

Evoking a sense of ease, shades of brown are great choices for fashion, and even for decorating your home! The current hot hair trend known as the hygge trend, symbolizes the comfort of the moment and the joy it brings. It’s a must-try if you want a new colour option!


Neutral Beige

Closely connected to earth and freshness, neutral beige is a subtle colour but can be deeply felt! An example of a beautiful beige shade is to arrange books with the pages facing out on the shelves as it gives out a soft, natural and free aesthetic.


Millennial Pink

Known as pink or delicate pink, this colour rose in popularity in the year 2015 and made it through to make an appearance this year! Millennials also claim that this colour works with “99% of Instagram filters” for Insta-worthy pictures.


Sunshine Yellow

You can’t bring sunshine into your room, so why not wear it as a dress? As a vibrant colour, it brings joy and has the ability to improve your mood! Now seen on many runways across the globe, fashion designers ranging from Carolina Herrera to Oscar De La Renta appear to have chosen this optimistic colour for their latest collection in 2018.


Colours speak louder than words, some might say. It represents your character and soul, so choose wisely and show your true colours in the new year of 2018!

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