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Fuel Inspiration to Improve Your Social Media Footprint

Fuel Inspiration to Improve Your Social Media Footprint 

By and large, social provides a riveting experience—changing how consumers communicate, research products and build connection with brands.

Instantaneous and pervasive, however, it has become a highly sophisticated digital advertising ecosystem. While analytics provides pivotal information of where and who your audience are, delivering the right message to the right audience and at the right time can become a distant target.

Fortunately, by producing authentic branded content, you can quickly begin delivering the right message to your target audience and bridge the gap that’s often eluded your digital marketing deployment.

Time and again, the need for businesses to be distinctive and unique cannot be understated. By drawing inspiration from other businesses that have achieved great results on social, you too can work out an effective branded content strategy.

In this context, recently, smart watch maker, Fitbit, partnered with Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine brand to come up with a string of branded content across a segment called ‘The Adventurist’ to showcase what its products to can do for extreme sports’ enthusiasts.

In short, Men’s Health writer, Clint Carter was put up to the task of mastering three extreme sports in only five days, while tracking his heart rate and steps with a Fitbit. The resulting content production consisted of a series of articles, short films and a full print features in the magazine and it evidenced a successful marketing reach for both parties.

This highlights just how important branded content is to deploy a meaningful context that’s relatable to your audience. Despite all the sophistication of today’s fast paced digital marketing ecosystem, at The Codian, we strongly believe that branded content is the best means to reach out to your audience and to increase conversations about your products and services on social.

Similarly, in light of the partnership between Men’s Health and Fitbit, you too can combine analytics and branded content to help you plot a better route to your audience. By visualising the benefits your audience can gain from using your products, get ahead by delivering a compelling experience underscoring the nuances differences that set your products apart from your competitors.

Last but not least, step up your social media game and apply this framework in each social network your business operates. Driving engagement— in today’s marketing landscape, is the currency of profit that many cant afford to ignore.

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