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Fashion Your Content in Ways That Appeal

Fashion Your Content in Ways That Appeal 

Style counts. For a largely visual world and diminishing attention span, how much style counts is on a meteoric rise by the year. In our last article where we discussed branded content, apart from style, for your branded content to be well received, it needs to be honest and sincere.

Much like a good personality, humour is gold in creating engagement. But if you are having a hard time writing hilarious lines, thought provoking ideas that are slanted to the advantage of your products can help too.

Above all these, credibility should be at the top of your branded-content strategy. You should only make well weighted claims, only when the need arises. It is no secret that today’s sophisticated audience hates being targeted for advertisements, something that both you and I can unanimously agree with.

Over time and well thought out repetitions, your branded-content can be a great means to get your advertising message across.

Furthermore, there needs to be greater flexibility in assigning the content among your target groups which does not always fit the traditional concept of advertising.

The contribution which marketing makes to your bottom line, may be indirect and hard to define. However, visibility in important market places such as social media and web can hardly be ignored.

It must be noted, emotions and values drive behaviour. And marketing, particularly, is a conscience area. As such, your marketing objectives and strategy should be determined by what conscience activities and content are needed to drive the results. Businesses that are able to figure this out will be well positioned for the future.

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