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Exploring Divergent Architecture
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Exploring Divergent Architecture 

We are in a world where the architecture industry is changing rapidly, so now it’s our turn to take this opportunity to grab the attention of the market.

The New York-based Clouds Architecture Office recently revealed their plan to build the world’s tallest skyscraper. What makes this project interesting is the fact that this building will hang above the earth from an orbiting asteroid.

It’s great to know that this project is expected to become a reality in the near future as there are plans for it to be constructed in Dubai.

Knowledge of this exceptional project will encourage us to develop different ideas in building new architectural designs for the future.

The organization has inverted the common idea of building a tower from the ground up by building it in the air, so it can appear anywhere in the world. Don’t you find this fascinating?

This idea provokes the audience to relate it to the current high cost of land. From this perspective, it’s possible for people to form new perceptions about building a new skyscraper.

This idea has unlocked new perspectives on architecture, as they have successfully leveraged creative thinking to expand the way architects design a building.

Thus, we need to enhance our creativity by exploring and producing something new and most importantly, different from others. In the architecture industry, differentiation is a much sought after trait, much like this supertall building.

This point could also be related to the organization’s branding and presents a big opportunity for us to develop new designs to attract everyone whilst demonstrating that architecture is diverse and that how we explore this diversity determines who wins the market.

Read this to know more about the “out-of-this-world” building.

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