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Emotions and Values Drive Behaviour

Emotions and Values Drive Behaviour 

Emotions and values drive behaviour. The fact is nothing new. What’s new however, is the changing marketing landscape. Innovative ways of driving engagement are redefining how goods and services are perceived. Scrutiny, for good or bad, determines what fate businesses have in the market.

Digital thus makes it abundantly clear that marketing is complex and that it is embedded in consumers’ emotions and their relationship to brands.

In today’s tumultuous time, spiralling emotions and a hunger for values are providing businesses with the opportunity of a lifetime to create change.

Good rep, as they say has the ability to magnify perceptions. Being present and positively visible throughout the purchasing pathway is the make or break for any business that aims to thrive online.

Today, businesses need to plan their marketing plans with care. Positive emotions can be a bit tricky to trigger. Business therefore can make subtle marketing demands by triggering positive emotions.

For example, unobtrusively relaying information about how using so and so product of yours can help keep your audience’s health problems at bay. Cheesy, perhaps. But by using real stories that are credible, this is utterly effective, to say the least.

But it takes effort to make it work. Instagram stories, compelling Facebook posts, these are deployments that matter. In contrast to traditional advertising where frequency plays a huge part in getting you results, businesses need to keep in mind that it is time to give the power back to the consumers.

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