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Don’t Be Boring, Entertain and Provide a Clear Call to Action to Position Your Business Favourably

Don’t Be Boring, Entertain and Provide a Clear Call to Action to Position Your Business Favourably 

Any marketing stunt has the power to strengthen—or sink your brand. However, in a shifting marketing landscape, consumers are moving away from traditional marketing routes. More often than not, they are either visiting your website or interacting with content on social media.

Evidently, social media has reconfigured how consumers communicate. But worry not, here are three key takeaways that can help you integrate social into positive leads and perhaps action too, to unlock the true potential of digital push.

1. Know your audience

Figure out who your target audience is and align your actions to their values.

2. Provide a clear call to action

Provide a clear call-to-action. Provide a compelling context to encourage your audience to take action now by using your products. When you kicking off any digital campaign, include a strong call to action so your audience knows exactly what you want from them.

3. Stir emotions to position your business favourably among your audience

Evoke plenty of emotions to get your audience to respond. Having increased social conversations about your business can only be good press for your business—provided you tread on the message subtly and weigh every possible ramification that might play out thoroughly before kicking off the campaign. But we reckon don’t be too safe in order to stir up emotions. Doing it right can potentially reward your products and services, and not to mention bottom-line favourably. Keep in mind that emotions are a powerful part of many mega campaigns that had hit home-run in the past. Figure it out!

In addition, consider how you can solicit higher engagement with your audience. Humour, happiness, laughter, they are all good consideration to help you frame a meaningful context to design a wide smile across your target audience’s time while visiting your website or social media. Last but not least, we just can’t stress this enough, don’t be boring. Entertain!

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