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Dealing Fake News With Technology
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Dealing Fake News With Technology 

We are in a bubble of like-minded individuals who rely on the Internet too much. People recognized that fake news is a big problem on that platform; but is there any ways to tackle this issue?

Today, most people make an effort to find the best way in how to minimize those risks. And fortunately, with an advanced technology, these issues may be solved accordingly.


This popular platform has come out with new ways to check possibilities of fake stories before users share them. It allows the users to report posts as fake with the assistance of an independent fact-checking organisation such as Snopes, that have created FiB, a program that analyses news on Facebook and identify the stories as “verified” or “not verified”.


Are you the one who believes easily with news on the Internet? Yes, research indicated that most of the people see that Facebook news is authentic, where actually there is lots of false news shared by people more than the actual news there. So, what should we do?


What To Do

As a technology-savvy, we need to give the right guidance to our surroundings in assessing credible information. This point is even more crucial for us since platforms like Twitter and Facebook today has the speed to release news updates faster than other platforms. So the best way is we need to be able to identify the credibility of that information before click the button “share”.


Most importantly, we need to talk with kids. Find an online post that you consider to be fake news. Make your conversation around these questions:


  • Who made this post?
  • Who do they want to view it?
  • Who benefits from this post and/or who might be harmed by it?
  • Has any information been left out of the post that might be important?
  • Is a reliable source reporting the same news? If they’re not, it doesn’t mean it’s not true, but it does mean you should dig deeper.


Last but not least, try to spot the difference. Compare the possible fake news with a reliable source. Ask some questions to ensure the site is providing reliable news. Our task should not only help people to understand this complicated online world, but also provide them with a knowledge that they need to grow in the digital world.


Share if you find useful! And this is for you who needs further tips for the kids.

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