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Create Your Own Branded Content to Generate Leads
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Create Your Own Branded Content to Generate Leads 

Branded content is content that forgoes traditional advertising. Despite attempting to achieve the same results, branded content is usually the creation of authentic articles, videos, podcasts, and even live elements that bring relevant value to consumers. In every case, branded content creates impact much in the same way traditional advertising does, albeit differently.

From building awareness to reinforcing what’s great about your products, branded content has a mostly positive impact on consumers’ view of a brand. Significantly, brands that target younger consumers should figure out branded content that works for them, and address this commitment they have to their most important demographics adequately.

Therefore, the sign of a good advertising strategy is drawing favourable attention. In branded content terms however, it should increase up to 30% in terms of how favourable your goods or services are perceived and ultimately persuades purchasing decisions.

However, according to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), businesses whose audience is older, should be more cautious with their branded-content deployment. Consumers aged 65 to 74, are virtually less receptive to branded content.

BCG’s recent study discovered that in the US, there was an almost 15 percent decrease in affinity and trust after encountering branded content among consumers of this age group, and a similar drop in affinity for media companies carrying the content.

However, only this age group evidences significant negative perceptions of branded content. Inevitably, branded content will grow faster and bigger. For businesses that trade most of their goods and services online, branded content is both a necessity and an opportunity.

Doing it should not differ much from traditional advertising—driving engagement and grabbing engagement are two key ingredients. But the effort it takes before positive results can be observed can be a bit of a challenge for most businesses.

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