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Convert Your Traffic into Profits
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Convert Your Traffic into Profits 

We are going to let you in on a secret. Any business that has a digital footprint, its success lies in the form of a stimulant, in that it needs to have an exhilarating effect.

Like caffeine in your morning coffee, similarly, converting traffic into revenue is the result of generating traffic that benefits your potential customers.

At The Codian, we believe that this is becoming an industry all its own. Dooit, for example, Malaysia’s mobile trivia game show where its participants can win huge cash for free is generating huge traffic as a means to generate its advertising revenue.

It is unique and successful, however, this required first a decision as to what to concentrate on, that is, a basic strategy objective on how to generate traffic. Secondly, innovating objectives can, therefore, should be as clear and as sharply focused. To set them, businesses must first anticipate the innovations needed to reach their marketing goals.

Evidently, the idea works outside of digital business too. A new business opportunity pops up every now and then and as entrepreneurs, we need to consistently identify a thing of value that can benefit others to generate our own profit conversion.

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