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Decision Precision 

What makes a good decision good, and what makes it bad? The purpose of decision-making is to solve problems and they are encountered almost every day in a person’s life. Organisations will be involved in many situations that require critical decision-making and problem-solving that will...
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Get To Know Fintech 

As technology takes the world by storm, FinTech also evolved during the global financial crisis in the year 2008. FinTech is said to disrupt and reshape traditional retail greatly. It also changed financial services and systems through digital technologies. New technology such as blockchain and…

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An Entrepreneurs’ Muse 

Music is for everyone, even the greatest of minds – scientists, presidents, geniuses, and businessmen. For entrepreneurs, music is a motivator. It provides them with inspiration and creativity. It influences emotions positively. Finally, it is a catalyst for big ideas. Music of different genres entice…

Featured, Software, Technology

Transforming Finance Digitally 

Integrating technology in the financial service industry has enhanced workflow and processes. This combination is also known as FinTech, which stands for Financial Technology at the back end of services. It disrupts traditional financial services including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, investing, and fundraising and…