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Category: Branding

Branding, Company

The Ruling of GDPR 

Since the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica case regarding the breach of Facebook data to third-party applications, people have been concerned about how their data is used or distributed on any digital platform.   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data protection reform that protects and…

Public Figure, Technology

Behind The Musk 

Who hasn’t heard of Elon Musk - the genius, billionaire, and philanthropist? The world’s own rendition of the real-life Tony Stark. Known for his revolutionary inventions of Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX with a goal to colonise Mars in the future, he is known for...
Branding, Company

6 Cs to Success 

The growing power of technological influence has disrupted the flow of the world. It digitizes our way of life - communication, social, political exchange, media, entertainment and e-commerce, all facilitated by devices. Silicon Valley is marked on the world map as one of the places...
Branding, Featured, Personality

Decision Precision 

What makes a good decision good, and what makes it bad? The purpose of decision-making is to solve problems and they are encountered almost every day in a person’s life. Organisations will be involved in many situations that require critical decision-making and problem-solving that will...
Architecture, Branding

Sustainable Creation 

Architecture has been experiencing a technological shift for the past twenty decades. Buildings now serve a holistic purpose beyond merely creating a space to shield us from the weather. They are now designed with the intention of benefitting its occupants by promoting a healthy lifestyle,…