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Can gaming be reimagined with Netflix style streaming?
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Can gaming be reimagined with Netflix style streaming? 

Gaming is one of the most beloved pastime activities. Overall, the gaming industry has largely been dominated by console gaming heavyweights namely Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

However, just like any other industry, the gaming industry is about to get a technological makeover. Tech giants that accumulate vast resources between them are again at it in a bid to widen their profit share in the tech world.

As such, Complex News recently reported that Google, Amazon and Apple have plans in the pipeline to shake up the gaming industry with their cloud computing offerings.

However, their entries wont be anything like what we are used to seeing. Perhaps, we can safely say that these tech giants are trying to take gaming consoles out of the equation. Or at least this is what these new entrants are trying to do by offering Netflix style subscription based gaming.

Not bowing out without any fight however, all three gaming console makers recently announced next generation consoles to replace their outgoing platforms. At what pace cloud-based gaming can disrupt well-established gaming conventions is certainly one to look out for.

On the other hand, the gaming community in particular, are highly demanding geeks who demand a lot out of their gaming rigs. It would take a lot to appease their demands to get them to relinquish their gaming allegiance.

At the moment, cloud-based gaming still has many niggles to clear before it can go mainstream. The susceptibility of cloud-based system crashing and slow download speed are some of the niggles that cloud streaming still have to improve.

Nevertheless, this subscription model gaming offers something fresh—portability and mobile compatibility . This could well turn the industry on its head and create a new generation of gamers. Certainly, the gaming industry is on the brink of being carved wide open by new technological changes.

If history has taught us anything, change in technology is something that we can hardly resist. Therefore, we foresee many established game developers will soon start experimenting with lighter and faster gaming offerings to fit the vision of cloud-based streaming style gaming that potentially holds the future of high-end gaming.

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