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AR Boom will Transform Marketing through Mobile

AR Boom will Transform Marketing through Mobile 

Mobile experience, especially for Augmented Reality (AR) advertising is something marketers simply can’t ignore. The ubiquity of smart phones and creative AR simulation are two combining factors capturing the most important emerging market—millennials, by storm.

AR is arguably the next biggest thing coming to smartphones. By bringing 3D animation to life and into a mobile user’s world, AR is acting on the basis of common vision in a virtual form.

With a common understanding of tomorrow’s products and services, through the lens of a camera, AR gives consumers the luxury to gather first hand experience around how goods are consumed and services, delivered.

Such is AR’s “camera marketing” push that it’s building up to be a fast driving wave. Decidedly, AR will transform mobile marketing experience to cater to a new era in consumer behaviour. In part, consumers now have the tool to peek into the physical world through a digital lens.

Estimates suggest that more than 1 trillion photos were taken worldwide in 2018, most of them on smartphones. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc, a camera company said, “The camera is evolving from being a barrier, separating users from the world, to becoming an aperture, for users to explore the world.”

Although AR is still maturing, a plan to include AR should be integrated into your marketing campaign as the number of consumers engaging with AR is increasing rapidly by the day. “Camera advertising” is, without doubt, the next big thing coming to smartphones.

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