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An Organisation Website Must Have
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An Organisation Website Must Have 

Every organisation opt to have their own website as a digital identity. Back in the old days, it used to belong only to those big corporations. But nowadays, everyone can have it.

Either it is a template or customised website, you should make it pleasing to the eyes of the user. Have your own purpose of making a website; digital company profile and information, database collection or even e-commerce site.

Now, let’s get through the must have items in claiming that you have a good website as an organisation.

clear navigation

If the user has to think for more than 10 seconds to navigate themselves around your website, something is wrong somewhere. A website is useless without clear navigation. Make sure to use a familiar name to the various pages of your site like Contact Us, Career, The Team and etc.

Social media integration

Leave your traces everywhere. Just so you know, an integration with other various social media accounts you have like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can increase your Search Optimisation Engine (SEO) as well as your digital and business’ footprint. In a digital marketing aspect, social media plays a crucial role in it.

Mobile-friendly version

The world now prefers everything on-the-go. Now that smartphones are everywhere, audience demand for an easy access website on mobile and the numbers will grow as there will always be a cheaper version for one to own it. Bear in mind, the design you make for your website should be a responsive design.

contact information

What happens if the audience is interested in the products you advertised but has nowhere to buy it just because there is no information on contact. You will lose one potential customer. If this happened for over few months and years, you will only lose more. Make your website simple but full of the important information like your contact number and address.

security check

This is even more important if your website includes selling anything online. It is advised to secure your website with an SSL certificate. The SSL will help in gaining your customer trust in giving personal information like credit card number or identity card number. Some good options to explore are VeriSign, TrustArc and GeoTrust.

There are more features you should consider on your website. Well, if you want to know more, just click here. Have fun reading. And if you find this useful, don’t forget to share!

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