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4 Success Lessons from Pinterest CEO
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4 Success Lessons from Pinterest CEO 

Ben Silbermann, the CEO and creator of Pinterest, launched his visual idea sharing service in 2010. It is now worth $12 Billion and 200 Million people are logging in at least once per month. He shared his life story over the years of how he became the private holder of one of the most successful social media channels in existence.


Completely commit to your passion
Silbermann was hired by Google after he graduated to work with Paul Sciarra in designing iPhone apps. He then wanted to create something from what he loved as a child; categorizing, organizing and collecting things. Silbermann and Sciarra later partnered with Evan sharp to create an online pinboard. He resigned from Google and created a shopping app, Tote, which never took off but he realised how people saved photos of items when shopping so that they could return to them later.


Keep learning even when you are the boss
Silbermann stated that he keeps staying up-to-date with the trends by reading books on business, technology and marketing to add to his knowledge bank. In addition to that, learn from mistakes and never quit!


Surround yourself with talents
Pinterest actually started out as a by-invitation-only community where he gave admissions to designers who knew people with unique and creative minds. The exclusive community grew and in 2012, the invitation requirement was removed. Silbermann hired people for their strength and innovative thinking that contributed to the company’s growth.


Prioritize the customer’s experience
Pinterest seeks to enhance the user experience instead of user engagement. It was one of the first websites to have infinite scrolling without navigating to another page. He caters to his users’ needs and interests accordingly by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their experiences of serving what they like after they express their preferences.

Amazon is imitating Pinterest’s successful features by tailoring to its customers and user’s passion. Silbermann’s lesson is applicable to any entrepreneur in his business.


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