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To Revolution We Go
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To Revolution We Go 

Everyone can make a change, regardless of whether it is a small or big one. However, the most important thing is to make it successful. Making a revolution that shapes the world is not easy as it sounds. As a great entrepreneur, we cannot imitate other’s successes so remember, stop thinking about creating another Silicon Valley. Unless you have a more creative and innovative way to build it.

This will be the point for you to jump into the creative and technology industry, as it is even more crucial to reach a bigger market. We need to understand the correct guideline to achieve that goal. Be ready to work to make a change and grab that opportunity to create a better transformation.

If you are one of those individuals who want to create a great revolution, follow these 5 guidelines before you go any further:

Adjust your characteristics to the ecosystem

Try to understand the current ecosystem and adjust it with your own characteristics in order to achieve a sustainable entrepreneurship since it is the result of having an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Altering the culture

Many leaders think that changing the culture takes time; however, it’s still possible to increase tolerance risk, the legitimacy of launching your own business, and acceptance of honest failure.

Pave the footpath

Entrepreneurship is actually an inherent contrarian activity, so whatever you decide they should be, a good entrepreneur will try to do things differently and make it better. Remember to always identify, watch, encourage, support.

Experiment relentlessly

You can learn what others have done but you need to experiment based on your own reality. Make it different and try to learn from mistakes by focusing on short experiments, small scale funding, and a small number of employees.

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