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Winning Formula for Content Creation
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Winning Formula for Content Creation 

For the people in the 1980s and 90s, information was considered a valuable possession. It was hard and rare to get and most people would have to go to the library to obtain information of any form and quantity. In the late 90s, the computer was brought into existence and with a connection through the telephone line, the internet became accessible.

From being a rare resource, now everyone has access to it anytime and anywhere. The question here is, with all this information at the tip of our fingers with cheap and free information, how do you stand out from others? What makes yours more significant?

Just Google it!

The funny thing about Google is you are either presented with vast quantities of information for you to benefit from or they are nothing but click baits and basically garbage. It is also a common thing that when you click on articles that have familiar titles such as “Top 5 to do XYZ”, all you get is the basic ways to do XYZ? Google benefits from this the most, but it does not answer our questions.

Content creation lies in the content itself. Being unique and adding value to the conversation is key. Incorporating them is another challenge.

It is a skill!

Writing is a skill that is acquired and improved from time to time. Now there are many media such as written articles, podcasts, and video. While this is not an easy task, here are some goals you should have in mind when creating your content.

Entertainment: If your content is rigid, most people would not bother to read it at all. Inserting your personality is a form of entertainment for the reader, aside from making the content unique to only you!

Information: Put forth your strong points and stop beating around the bush. Questions are best answered in a definitive way.

Consistency: Regular updates show that you are dedicated to providing information. Keep in mind that people like new things, so make sure to serve them just that.

Accomplish one thing: Allocate one subject for one article or video. Do not cram 20 topics in one media because that is insane and no one would want to read that much information.

Tell them what’s next: At the end of each article or content, you can always provide a link to guide the audience to a new one or a call to action to keep the circle of information going!

Flexible in length

The length or quantity of the content needs to be sufficient enough to cover the information that needs to be conveyed. However, it depends on people’s preferences and the publication, sometimes a video is said to be decent with just 3-5 minutes in duration. Words in writing could be between 700-900 words or 600-900 words. The length does not matter if your audience drops you off before finishing, it could be that your writing or video has already answered their question, or they are at the wrong place or it is just plain boring. Remember to cater to your audience’ needs, and add something unique to capture their interest!

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