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Virtual Beauty – An App That’ll Blew You Away
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Virtual Beauty – An App That’ll Blew You Away 

People tend to try out products before they make a final decision, especially when it comes to beauty products. As we all know, retailers provide a tester in store to assist us in choosing the right product. However, is that feasible for online consumers? Don’t you think it takes time?


These days, there are technological advancements like VR and AR that are completely helping brands to apply the concept of try-before-you-buy to customers in a new way. A number of brands such as L’Oréal Paris and COVERGIRL have even launched makeup apps.


Yes, it’s an app that enables us to use the real product on our face using our camera as a virtual mirror. This is a one-of-a-kind technology where a new app can literally change the way you try on makeup, it really saves more time since it can recognize our facial characteristics. One less thing to worry about is perspective because this virtual mirror will follow you at different angles so you can easily look at yourself from any perspective.


So, now a new look is at your fingertips, wherever you go. How easy is that?

Fret not ladies, the rapid development of technology has made it easier to fulfill our needs.


We are in a world of emerging markets and apps play an important role in consumer decision-making for today’s generation. It is such an important point for marketers as it brings a lot of chances to develop new strategies to reach more consumers.


It provides convenience to the market when it comes to searching for some of the products and evaluating them is easier. Today, beauty industry players need to be aware of this technology faster in order to meet consumer’s needs due to the fact that it can boost e-commerce sales and also attract young consumers effortlessly.





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