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The First Curve is the Steepest-why Companies Need to Place More Trust in Their Right Brained Colleagues
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The First Curve is the Steepest-why Companies Need to Place More Trust in Their Right Brained Colleagues 

The business case for creativity isn’t a new idea. Time after time, companies can accrue significant business benefits by making giant leaps toward creativity. To thrive, businesses need to envision their future in a way that doesn’t resemble their current operations for surely, these times are changing.

All in all, businesses need to view their core activities through the lens of a future economy and craft an objective to fit that vision. Therefore, businesses need to make “creativity” irresistible and perform on-the-ground work to achieve operational changes at scale.

This, evidently, takes willful effort. Of doing the simplest things well, many companies haven’t made commensurate strides to overcome problems that complicate growth. The three key considerations below, perhaps, can help you overcome your creative problems.

  1. If you are racing to capture something new, maybe it is time to give ample opportunities to your right-brained creative types. That deeply ingrained prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination don’t go away by themselves.
  2. While most of us are left-brained—typically, we’re pretty sceptical of our right-brained peers—and the problem we usually end up with is very few creative new ideas get generated to challenge the status quo in two realms; within the organisation and the market the company operates in.
  3. Not coming up with new commercial ideas is a problem for most companies. It’s time to break free from conventional thinking. When a business’ brainstorming fails to achieve results, naturally, it would fail to redefine what value creation means to reinvent their business. This is a section of growth that has become increasingly important in a widely changing landscape.

On a similar note, dying conversations about getting new ideas in motion is a challenge that most companies need to overcome. When everything just looks too hard when considered vs. the cost, without creativity, it would be almost next to impossible to avoid common pitfalls with reference to stagnation.

From the outset, businesses need to intensify their creative strategy development to find answers that otherwise would be stifled by left-brained superiority. Perhaps, talking about “What would it take for us to get started?” is a good ground to begin with.

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