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Technology Backstabber

Technology Backstabber 

As an individual, our belief determined by the community. We need people to share the same purpose in order to gain understanding.


However today, technology advances have helped our lives with massive improvements; one would think that Google is the most significant member of our community of knowledge. These tools would gain our understanding of things and people.


Individuals find new information through technology and the truth is most of them feel smarter with Google, which it imitates the human thinking in the form of technology. Few people aware that actually, it cannot provide information same like human beings which is critical. It does not share the same goals, rather it only provides point that we already have in our mind. Yet we still believe it.


We are at a point in history where people are overreliance with social media that obviously spread updated news, both fake and real.


The danger is today we are too dependent on technologies that can drive us to have different perspectives and even have a wrong perception on what we get. We often mislead with headlines that can leave lasting impressions and result in media deception. We could believe in completely different worlds regarding the knowledge we have about what’s going on in the world.


In creative and technology industry, indeed technology is one of the main tools for a betterment of our work; people in the organisation use it as their main power source of information.


How can we live without Technology?


Yes, it’s true that we cannot live without them, but we need to be more cautious in this futuristic industry in terms of technology that we know is up-to-the-minute nowadays. This point is absolutely essential for us to recognise in order to reduce undesirable consequences.

We are not anti-technology, rather we highlighted dangers of future technology as there are often unexpected risks. People need to raise awareness not too dependent on technology since there is a danger behind it and it exists in our daily life, especially for our social system. If you want to know more about this, read here.

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