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Tackling Malaysians’ Taste Bud Fancy is Big Business
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Tackling Malaysians’ Taste Bud Fancy is Big Business 

The instant noodle is a quick 2-minute prep one can reach to sate one’s hunger. Almost every household or office has them. Although well-established brands have a strong footing, but the market is constantly being reshuffled by competitors that are always looking for new taste bud innovations.

This is a common theme that’s currently playing out in Malaysia’s instant noodle food industry. Instant noodle brands appear to make the most out of the digital landscape too, stirring things up by offering new flavours in a race to capture profitable leads.

This experimentation feat seems to extend beyond just packaging, and brands are taking it to popular mainstream social media, advertising clutching content on YouTube and Instagram to hype up their latest offerings with loud marketing spins that usually aim to tickle laughs out of their demographics.

The quest for the next new thing has taken this journey all over the world as ramen companies scour the globe for next hit. Surely, Malaysians on the other hand are warming up to the trend led by companies such as the Korean Spicy Ramen.

In a future marked by intense competition, instant noodle companies are a prime example of dispersed innovation to avoid the risk of fortune reversal. And when these companies’ loyal followers take to social media, the hype generated whirls further sales momentum for these companies. As such, this has spawned numerous chained video challenges of instant noodle fans savouring spicy instant noodles and subsequently challenging others to follow suit. Not a bad idea huh.

Usually, new trends take hold somewhat slowly. However, when an innovative product is cooked into a creative strategy, the results can break new grounds you otherwise would not have imagined. At the Codian, we think you will never run out of new ideas to capture constantly moving profit pools if you put your creativity to good use and continue to create the next trend.

Evidently again, content is serving your business where it matters most. Through creativity, you can multiply your product lines’ reach through multiple digital platforms generated by your consumer interests.

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