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Organising Your Treasures
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Organising Your Treasures 

Buying jewellery has always been such a therapeutic experience for enthusiasts, but they will soon realise that space is running out. Your jewellery is scattered or stacked away in their original boxes but cluttered every time you reach for one. There are many ways you can organise your precious treasures, and it’s all up to your creativity! Here are some suggestions for you try!

Drawer Compartment

Purchase a drawer insert or any repurposed kitchen cutlery holder. They come with compartments or slots to easily sort out your baubles, necklaces and bangles! You can even use small pots or bowls to keep rings and earrings. They will be easily accessible and you can take them out without cluttering your space.

Extra: Another tip is to purchase specially made boxes to store jewellery. Most times, they come with soft fabric with anti-tarnish properties or even fully-lined with velvet, which is perfect to keep your precious bling inside!

Wall Organiser

Buy a ready-made jewellery box and hang it on your wall! Hanging your jewellery means easy access and they won’t get tangled or mixed up with one another. Add cubbyholes to put your earrings in, tubes to slide your bangles in and hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets. No hassle!

Extra: Allocate a space on the wall or on top of your dressing table for a mini wardrobe that fits all your jewellery in one place!

Jewellery as decoration

Instead of tucking all of your shiny jewellery inside the drawer or a box, choose the ones that you will be wearing most often and display them in plain sight! Stow the necklaces on your makeup mirror or wall mount hook which then doubles as decorative items for your room. Use decorative plates to put your bangles and small bowls to keep your rings inside.

Extra: Only display the essential treasures to avoid a crowded tabletop!

DIY Organiser

This is probably a favourite for many! Just go to Pinterest and search on how to organise your jewellery and they will give you thousands, if not millions, of ideas to choose from! From cloth hangers, driftwood and old vintage frames – you’ll just need some hooks, cubby holes or tubes for your jewellery!

Extra: Go wild and creative by reusing old items that you have lying around your house! It’s cost-efficient and it will give your room a classic and vintage touch!

There are no specific ways on how you should keep your jewellery organized, but keep in mind not to put malleable metals together with hard stones to avoid scratches. Keep your organiser neatly arranged, dry and dust-free so that they can shine through like they do when you put them on.

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