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New Taxonomy of Native Digital Content
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New Taxonomy of Native Digital Content 

To get ahead, businesses need to create native digital content. This is an imperative that businesses can ill-afford to lose. To produce results that can improve your bottom line, businesses need to publish content for two reasons. One is to collect data from social media and secondly, improve engagement.

In today’s fast changing world, businesses need to appeal target groups from every walk of life to have any chance of contending with top rivals. So much so, the content taxonomy of today has been largely reorganised and this is pointing toward a new content marketing landscape where native digital content is a critical deployment.

Whereas, in the past, content was constructed in long strings of text. But in today’s digital world, content must often be broken up into pieces. There are so many ways you can deliver your content today. Before you publish any, think of the results you would like to drive and work out the best platform to get you the intended outcomes.

For example, some content is better served on social media as infographics, and similarly, others fit better on your website. However, we strongly believe that there should be a strong correlation between the two. One is no less important than the other. Making sure the integration doesn’t miss the mark in drawing similarly strong engagement is key.

Here are three simple rules on the new content taxonomy, by which you can organise your content strategy.

  1. Assemble your content as a native digital content
  2. Make the content you publish is easily searched for
  3. Reassemble your content to meet your audience’s needs, today and tomorrow

Last but not least, apply and tag your content with keywords and like pieces of a puzzle, today’s digital content is the marketing and advertising of next-generation products and services.

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