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Mobility Drives Wealth: Shaping the City We Live by Connectivity
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Mobility Drives Wealth: Shaping the City We Live by Connectivity 

Evidently, the need to foster new economics of mobility sits atop the vast micro battles that future cities need to navigate. At the moment, the shifts in mobility technology are trying to provide solutions for society members from every walk of life.

Today, the development of ride sharing, autonomous electric vehicles, digital mobility platforms, and more illustrates the relationship between mobility, the future economy and future cities as a whole.

Consequently, discussions around Transit Oriented Development (TOD), door-to-door, seamless and connected mobility, make tomorrow’s mobility agenda critical in many ways that are highly connected.

One salient thing to note here is, mobility drives economic wealth and improves social connectivity. Cars of the future are no longer a distant reality. They need to be brought into existence in the next few years to help us overcome some of the most formidable challenges we are facing at present.

The technologies enabling these “forward changes” in mobility, have, whether we like it or not, arrived. In response, to deal with these challenges, we need to do a reality check on the ground.

Businesses need to look at the problems and face up to these challenges by offering creative solutions for the micro battles that come with them. For example, we cannot dismiss or ignore climate change.

As a country, we need to exert greater commitment to these causes and address them adequately. At The Codian, there is no better time for businesses with fundamental importance in every sphere of life to look into these problems, and creatively offer both intangible and tangible solutions.

Climate change, congestion and urbanisation, outside these key themes, there are thousands of other micro battles that require innovative solutions that can benefit the society as a whole. This in itself, presents a strong business case that can help businesses map out a new framework to achieve profitable growth.

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