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Make Data Driven Effort to Meet What Today’s Consumers Expect to Drive Real Engagement
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Make Data Driven Effort to Meet What Today’s Consumers Expect to Drive Real Engagement 

Digital marketing can be an exasperating effort until you get it right. The prevailing measurement of digital marketing is the ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the right place.

In short, consumers expect digital engagement these days. According to Boston Consulting Group’s recent study, sophisticated digital marketers, such as Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks, have trained consumers to anticipate outreach, interaction, and even personalized offers—online and offline—from brands and retailers.

But businesses also need to realise, rightly, that the uniformity of digital marketing would soon be the most important marketplace that they need to win. At The Codian, we highly recommend businesses to start collecting all sorts of consumer data, unpack them so to speak, to help them better understand the complexity of consumer behaviour on various digital platforms.

This is best summarised by the results that the best digital marketers have produced. They have deepened their profit by using data for end-to-end measurement and in turn, use strategic messaging to reach the right consumers.

However, before businesses can pull this off, they need to understand the entire consumer journey. The resulting effort will then help businesses figure out how to coordinate and focus their engagement efforts.

While it may turn out to be harder for some than others, businesses need to start focusing on making digital ways of working the norm for their and business activities, both internally and externally.

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