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Make A Software Loved By All
A software is crucial. It needs to have the "love-at-the-first-sight" factor to get people willingness to download it.
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Make A Software Loved By All 

Software can be very complicated for some people, which can lead to a series of bad experiences. Many developers are too focused on the cosmetic part when designing software, often missing the crucial point of who the software is created for – the users.

Elissa Fink, a chief marketing officer on Forbes wrote in her article on creating engagement with customers “They are on the journey with you and want to know the reason why they should invest in your brand. If a software is your brand, then the main key is to adopt a people-centric approach when designing your software.”

For The User

It is all about the customer. They are the user who will be buying your product once it is launched and the crucial element to be considered. Start with analyzing your user’s needs and the context. Develop different scenarios using design tools and finally, uncover the needs of your user through data collection.

With The User

Development is a never-ending process. The user will be invited to a user acceptance test for them to experience the software hands-on before it goes live. Not only they will be able to experience it, but they will also be able to provide sprint reviews and first look impressions by including them in alpha or beta testing.

By The User

Data collected during the testing phase is crucial to understanding user behaviour. It is used to generate critical insights, optimize retention lifecycle and fix issues or bugs in advance. Changes in trends will provide insights on how to tailor it to the user’s need or create outcomes that suit them best.

It is the user experience that will become the centre point of creation. It is the visual element that will catch the eyes of the users, which will indirectly influence them to explore and seek more information on the creation. This is the same for designers, marketers and businessmen who are devising strategies and approaches to connect with their customers strategically. These approaches are applied to all with an adaptable plan of action.

Ajenstat mentioned “People demand software that empowers them to be successful,” which is all the more reason to adopt a user-centric approach. Soon, the generic lines between people and software will be blurred and it will serve them intuitively and seamlessly to the point it becomes simply delightful to work with.

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