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Eat Light, For A Lighter You!
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Eat Light, For A Lighter You! 

Set a new goal towards a healthy lifestyle by lowering your calorie intake!

It has been proven that losing just 5-10% of your current body weight will aid your body in regulating lower cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and lipid levels if you are affected by cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.


Smaller Portion, Smaller You

It is best to use the Healthy Plate portioning that is recommended by the Malaysian Ministry of Health:

Fill 1/4 of your plate with a carbohydrate such as rice, noodles or bread, 1/4 with a protein such as meat, eggs or beans and the remaining half of the plate with vegetables and some fruit.

You can also apply this one trick to your own brain by using a smaller diameter dish that will help you reduce your portion and yet satisfy your appetite – tricking your brain into thinking that you have had enough! Clever isn’t it?


Avoid Buffet & Set Meals

It may seem like value-for-money most of the time, but when the calories add up, it would be too much for a meal. Control your appetite by choosing ala-carte instead.


Choose Lower Calories

Changing food choices will influence your calorie intake. Instead of taking your usual nasi biriyani (488 kcal), change to plain white rice (207 kcal). This results in 241 kcal of calories cut down from your food consumption!


The “Empty” Calories

Sugar adds up more calories in your daily consumption, however, they do not contribute any nutritional benefit to your body. Apart from direct sugar intake in drinks and food, do be careful with food items that have ‘hidden’ sugar such as bread, cereals, and energy drinks or energy cereal bars.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Start eating healthy by buying healthy snacks – yoghurt, nuts, and sandwiches with fillings of your choices; whole grain cereal and low-fat milk. You can even cook your favourite dish from home & watch over your own calorie intake. Not only is it practical to watch what you consume, but it also saves money and time, as you don’t have to go down to the cafeteria!


Now that you crave for more info, dig it in here!

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