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Content on wearable devices is a new marketing landscape marketers need to figure out
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Content on wearable devices is a new marketing landscape marketers need to figure out 

The wearable tech market is maturing. Currently, the market is awash with smart devices—including Apple’s recently upgraded Watch operating system. This is no surprise, 250 million wearables were predicted to be in use by 2018 and there has not been a better time than now to push content via the growingly wide-spread medium.

Last year, PwC published some numbers that provided some context on where the future of wearable technology was heading. In 2017, sales of wearable technology were projected to reach USD14 billion and would grow to USD70 billion in a decade. In the world’s largest tech market, one in five Americans owns some type of wearable technology which includes smart watches, smart glasses, smart bands and smart clothing.

In a staggering discovery, adoption rate of wearable technology is nearing that of tablets. 20% in its first two years and 44% two years later. Wearable devices don’t just appear very fashionable these days and they could become a necessity too—having been highly praised as a valuable tool for doctors in the future.

On the other hand, advertisers are clamouring to use wearable tech to drive even more engaging and targeted ads. Kai Gait, award winning digital and tech expert said, “The time to start pushing content onto wearable devices is when you see around 1 – 5% of your traffic coming in from those devices.” Certainly the time is ripe for marketers to target the segment.

Further, virtual and augmented reality have gained wider traction in the marketing landscape. Digital, by and large is changing our traditional roots of marketing—despite some mindsets that are quite far back, it’s building up to be an interesting new content landscape for marketers to get their messages across.

But as marketers will already know, users oftentimes find themselves caught on the wrong side of data protection. Similarly, with wearable devices, the issue is the same. There is an ongoing conversation about privacy and intrusiveness, therefore, marketers need to tread lightly to avoid any issue.

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